The FLORATek System

Commercial-grade hardware and technology
Fully-automated pH and nutrient monitoring and control
Consistently faster growth and bigger yields with less effort

The FLORATek system allows you to monitor and control the nutrients in your hydroponics solutions like never before. Using technology designed for the commercial farming industry, you can ensure that your plants are getting exactly the nutrients they need day and night.

Even with accurate monitoring, testing your water means nothing if you do not accurately treat your water. The FLORATek’s dosing pumps precisely deliver nutrients and pH control solution to ensure your water is perfectly treated. And perfectly balanced, nutrient-rich water is the key to faster growing plants and bigger, more consistent yields.


Setting up your FLORATek system is quick and easy. Our innovative reservoir bracket conveniently attaches the control and pumps to nearly any size and shape of reservoir, and feature an integrated holder for the probes and feed tubes.



Programming your FLORATek system is simple. After you input the desired pH and nutrient levels, our Proportional Smart Control algorithm calculates and adds the exact amount of the necessary pH solutions and nutrients. Basic parameters such as your reservoir size are saved in the control- there is no need to reprogram between water changes.



Say goodbye to the days of manually testing and treating your water. Your FLORATek system continuously monitors the water in your reservoir, correcting pH and adding nutrients as necessary. The bottom line? Let your FLORATek system do the work to ensure your plants grow faster and yield more with less effort.

What sets FLORATek™ apart?

Continuous pH and nutrient level monitoring

Any experienced hydroponic grower knows that measuring the chemistry of your water accurately and reliably is the foundation of a water treatment plan. The FLORATek system monitors your reservoir water using two lab-quality probes, held securely in place using the integrated probe holder or in our probe cell for in-line measurements. The pH and EC (electrical conductivity) calculations are automatically temperature-compensated for the highest possible accuracy.

Proportional Smart Control

FLORATek’s Proportional Smart Control algorithm has been carefully developed over several months and hundreds of tests. It utilizes a closed-loop smart feed control to add nutrients precisely and effectively.

Other hydroponic controls use simple ON-OFF pump logic, where they continuously pump nutrients and pH solutions until the programmed setpoint is reached. This primitive method to treat water is not only inefficient, but often leads to overshoots, overtreated water, and damaged plants.

FLORATek’s Proportional Smart Control algorithm is far more advanced. It calculates and pumps the precise amount of necessary nutrients, at the correct ratio, to achieve and maintain your desired setpoints accurately and efficiently.

Industrial-Quality Pumps

FLORATek’s pumps are designed for high dose accuracy and long life. Featuring a dual-speed control, these pumps shift into high gear to balance your water quickly after a water change, then switch to low speed to quietly and effortlessly keep your water balanced between changes.

pH Control

Depending on the system you choose, your FLORATek features either a single pH pump or dual pH pumps. Regardless of your needs and water chemistry, FLORATek will monitor and balance your waters pH precisely and continuously.

Nutrient Control

FLORATek is specifically designed to be used with most pre-blended hydroponic nutrients. FLORATek continuously monitors the nutrient levels of your water using an EC probe and calculates the PPM (parts per million) level. Simply input the  nutrient doses from your feed chart along with the desired PPM level, and FLORATek’s Proportional Smart Control calculates and adds the correct amount of each nutrient at the correct ratio.

As your plants grow faster and larger than ever before, your  FLORATek system will keep your water perfectly balanced and treated to keep your plants fed and healthy.