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Probe Cell (Preorder)

Probe Cell (Preorder)

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The Probe Cell is designed to facilitate in-line measurement of your water's pH, EC, and temperature. It features a hinged door to enable users to quickly inspect and clean their probes without having to remove them from the probe cell. The water inlet and outlet connections are 1/4" barbed connections, but can be customized by the user with any adapter that features a 1/2" barbed connection on one side. 

There are 3 options when purchasing the probe cell:

  1. Standalone (you will provide your own mounting solution)
  2. FLORATek 3X (the probe cell will come mounted to a mounting board which can be attached to the bottom of your FLORATek 3X control or pumps. 
  3. FLORATek 3XL (we will mount the probe cell onto the same mounting board as your control)
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