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FLORATek 3 Pro Control System

FLORATek 3 Pro Control System

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The FLORATek 3 Pro system is the long-awaited high capacity variant of the popular FLORATek 3. Featuring upgraded electronics, bigger pumps, and larger tubing, the FLORATek 3 Pro is 5 times more capable than it's smaller sibling. 


  • The FLORATek 3 Pro continuously monitors the pH and nutrient levels of your water and automatically adds nutrients and pH solutions
  • Proportional smart feed algorithm for efficient dosing without overtreating
  • 3 multi-speed pumps for pH control and nutrients (1 pH control and 2 nutrients OR dual pH control and 1 nutrient
  • Compatible with hydroponic systems between 75 and 500 gallons

What’s included:

  • FLORATek 3 Pro control unit with 3 Pro multi-speed pumps
  • Reservoir bracket with control unit and pumps pre-mounted
  • HM Digital SP-C5 EC Probe
  • HM Digital SP-P5 pH Probe
  • pH and EC probe calibration solutions
  • 10 feet of nutrient tubing
  • Power adapter (110-240v)
  • 3 dispensing caps
  • 2 probe cable straps


Setting up your FLORATek system is quick and easy. The innovative reservoir bracket conveniently attaches the control and pumps to nearly any size and shape of reservoir, and features an integrated holder for the probes and feed tubes.


Programming your FLORATek system is simple. After you input the desired pH and nutrient levels, our Proportional Smart Control algorithm calculates and adds the exact amount of the necessary pH solutions and nutrients. Basic parameters such as your reservoir size are saved in the control- there is no need to reprogram between water changes.


Say goodbye to the days of manually testing and treating your water. Your FLORATek system continuously monitors the water in your reservoir, automatically correcting pH and adding nutrients as necessary. 

Customer Support

Designed and assembled in the USA, our team is always here to support you for the lifetime of your FLORATek system. No matter what your questions are, you can always count on our outstanding customer service. 


  • Voltage: 110-240 V AC
  • Amperage: 1.5 amps max
  • Plug type: 2-prong US (International orders ship with a multi-plug power adapter)
  • pH Measurement Accuracy: 0.05 between 4.0-7.0pH (display resolution is 0.1)
  • EC Measurement: Accuracy is +/-10ppm at 1000ppm (display resolution is 10ppm)


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