Farewell, Amazon

Hey there, amazing growers!

I've got some news to share with you all: Tetraponics will not be selling our products on Amazon anymore. 

Over the last 3 years, we have learned that selling on Amazon is great for very large companies, but simply did not work for us for two main reasons. First, we frequently ran into inventory issues with the Fulfilled by Amazon service. The inventory we sent to Amazon warehouses would sometimes arrive in a few days, and other times take several weeks. For a small company like us selling a (relatively) low-volume product, this level of unknown grew to be too much to tolerate. The other main issue pertains to customer service. Many Amazon customers do not know this, but we as a company receive almost zero information about the customers who order our products on Amazon. It is actually a violation of Amazons terms of service for us to contact customers who order our products on Amazon or to have them contact us using any method other than Amazons messaging service. These restrictions made providing thorough and reliable customer service nearly impossible. 

As the owner of Tetraponics, my one and only purpose is making sure our customers are satisfied with our products, and the only way that is possible is making sure our products are top-notch while providing outstanding customer service.

Hydroponics is booming, and we're proud to be part of it with our awesome automation systems. Even though we're stepping away from Amazon, we're not going anywhere. We're looking into new ways to get our great products to you and make sure you're happy with them, and you'll always be able to order directly from us here on Tetraponics.com.

Thank you for choosing Tetraponics. Your support means the world to us. Let's keep growing together!


Matt Grotenhuis

Owner, Tetraponics

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